Spread Trading is the new way to approach the market. With the Spread Trading approach, you will be able to reduce market volatility and limit risk.

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Spread Trading 

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À Propos de NousSpread Trading as a new Approach to Understanding the Markets

In the light of  Market Volatility, Spread Trading is the only answer.

Volatility is what every trader is looking for!
Our Statistical Studies highlight this volatility while isolating some of the risk.
Spread Trading meets many traders’ expectations.
At Structure-Trading.com we understand the Market Expectations and the Quest of each Trader.
Our Statiscal Study Spread Trading is a complete methodology to trade the markets while neutralizing part of the risk.

Trade spreads between CME Equity indices and between CME and Eurex indices.

JP Ferra, CEO Structure-Trading

We are here to help you achieve your goals
in your trading

And to control your risk

Notre ExpertiseWe provide you with the best Statistical Studies and a Methodology relevant to Spread Trading in order to control your risk and to reach your objectives!

Look at Markets in a Different Way

By trading the markets with Spreading strategies, you will have a different vision of trading.
Hedging risk, with solid statistical studies and a proven methodology. It becomes a challenge within reach!

Look at the Markets through Statistical Studies

Are you interested in Market Volatility but not in the risk to your capital?
The Spread Trading Strategies we have developed are for you!
You will trade the Volatility of a couple of Indices while controlling your risk!

You now have 8 Index Spreads to trade

You can now observe the markets through 8 Index Spreads, each with its own Statistical Study 

Replace your old Stoploss with a 2nd Leg

Volatility has often taken your protective Stops? Use a second Hedge leg within a Complete Spread Trading Strategy to replace your old StopLoss. You are now ready to take on volatility!